Immaculate Houses of Punta Del Este – La Barra, Uruguay

Whether you’re into huge or tiny bungalows, driving along Route 10 in La Barra area, you’ll see an immaculate row of houses that remind us of a “glass house”. Most of the homes here face the beach across the road, so I can see why the front “walls” of most houses are floor to ceiling windows and huge balconies. In awe.

Galveston 323Galveston 324Galveston 325Galveston 327

Galveston 328
This one of course, is my favorite!


Surfer-town La Barra

North of Punta del Este is La Barra, another quiet village that is slowly being transformed by Punta’s growing international importance.

Its landmark Puente Leonel Viera (pictured below), an undulating bridge that spans the Rio Maldonado, is nicknamed puente de la risa (the bridge of laughter) for the giddy sensation one gets walking across it.

La Barra Bridge
La Barra Bridge – Photos by: Destination Photos by SNP

Originally a surfer-haven popular for its consistent waves, La Barra’s main beach became a hangout for bikini-wearing models that eventually led to a name change.

Chic boutiques, cafe bars, and hot night clubs may change names and venues each season, but one staple, popular for its savvy music, is Crobar, attracting big-name DJs. ~The Haverkate Team

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