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Are you planning to travel to Uruguay? You are in the right place for Punta Del Este ~ Uruguay! Here you will find unique services that can make your stay a fun-filled and unforgettable experience in the place known as…the “Resort City” where in Brava Beach stands “The Hand,” a giant sculpture of 5 fingers that look as if emerging from the sand.

Punta Del Este, the popular southeastern peninsula in Uruguay, is truly a hidden treasure in this region. As it is the most culture diverse and most traveled to destination in Uruguay, Punta Del Este has a mixture of city and rural attractions for the whole family. From the calm waters of Mansa Beach to its rough surf Brava Beach, to its breathtaking landscapes literally a 10-20 minute drive out of the city, you are sure to find the perfect activity to take advantage of the culture warm hospitality, great food, shopping, recreation, entertainment and hot spots!

Punta del Este
Playa Mansa beach-side walkway

Known to many global celebrities, socialites, and travelers alike, Punta Del Este is also a place of luxury! You are sure to find many unique locales such as those featured here in Punta Del Este ~ Uruguay that will peak your interest. Whether you’re into luxury or simplicity, this distinctive destination can provide the services to make your dream Uruguayan experience a reality.

La Barra Bridge
Puente Leonel Viera “The Wavy Bridge” – La Barra, Uruguay
La Paloma Beach – Rocha, Uruguay
Lighthouse of Cabo Santa Maria – La Paloma, Rocha